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IZ Rock is a publishing company that is a friend of authors, both professionals and amateurs alike. We provide here all the assistance that a budding author needs. We are a complete package that can give them everything starting from the cover illustrations up to the launching and book promotions. Here at IZ Rock, you have a friend with us and we are not going to let you down. No need anymore to worry that you are being taken advantage of because here we will not do that to you. No matter the genre, you have a place here with us.

Here at IZ Rock, we do not only focus on the publication of books, but we also produce and publish other references as well such as magazines and what nots. So, even if you are not a writer, we welcome you here with us. You can check out our ‘PRODUCTS’ tab to know more about the other materials that we produce. You can also buy there your preferred reading materials at discounted prices. We will ship it to you as soon as we can no matter where you are in the world.

Are you looking for books that we stopped publishing already? No worries about it because we can help you out. Just send us an email and let us look it out for you. We’ll provide you assistance so that you can finally have the copy that you want. We are going to send you the link of the store in case we do not have it here with us. We are even going to link you to the writers if you want. Just send us an email today to connect and let us know what your concerns are. We’d love to help you out every single time. So do not anymore hesitate to contact us.