Publication You Can Rely On 06 | izrock

Q. What if I want to apply as an author of romance novels? What is the process?

A. All you need is to send us an email with your letter of intent and a draft of your work. After we have read it, we are going to send you back an email to tell you the outcome of our deliberations on it. We are going to give you our comments on whether or not your work has been accepted.

Q. Where can I check the schedule of your seminars or writing clinics?

A. You can check them out here on this website. You can subscribe to our newsletter so that all the information that you need will be automatically sent to you. You can also find out about the schedule by always checking out our online bulletin page. We regularly update that depending on the necessity.

Q. Do I need to pay when I sign up for the newsletter?

A. Signing up is for FREE. We do not charge our guests or customers for accessing the information that they need. We will not even ask you of your credit card details. All you need is a working email address because that is where we are going to send the updates, notifications, and confirmations you need.

Q. Is an account needed if ever you are going to send your draft?

A. An account is not needed for the purpose of submitting your work to us. You can just send us an email about that.

Q. Is an account needed before the site can be accessed?

A. An account is only needed if you’d wish to engage with other guests at our Forum site and if you want to post your comments, suggestions, and recommendations at our Testimonials page. Otherwise, an account is not mandatory.